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“Of all the city’s stones, Flint, Eolianite and Limestones, all lips play the same song. System Ali building the house anew”

“System Ali” is a one of a kind Hip-Hop band, composed of nine musicians who have been working together for a decade.

“System Ali” sings in four languages- Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English- the native languages of the nine members of the ensemble.


They naturally combine hip-hop and black groove music with elements of Arabic, Gypsy, jazz and rock music. Their music and lyrics are inspired by countless sources such as Fairuz, Egyptian poetry, Biblical texts, military bands and more. Their songs deal with life in the periphery of the center or life under the definition of minorities in Israel; without hesitating to tackle the painful and sensitive issues, in an honest, critical, hard-hitting and uncompromising manner.


The ensemble was established in 2007 during the struggle against house demolitions in Jaffa and south Tel Aviv. Since then, the group has been operating the "Beit System Ali-System Ali house" in Bat-Yam, a local youth cultural center founded to promote, develop and provide a platform for a new generation of Jewish and Arab artists, encouraging creative encounters and collaboration between communities, stories and sources of inspiration.


The music of "System Ali" is created and coexists naturally alongside their social activity in the streets of Jaffa - Bat Yam. "System Ali" are a bright spot and a breath of fresh air for those who live in partnership with their environment and seek a representative voice for a new generation of multicultural, brave and groundbreaking work.


The ensemble started performing in 2007 at street parties, clubs, and festivals throughout the country. In 2013 they released their debut album "System Ali" which was a great success and gained praised reviews, followed by a growing number of performances and swept a large crowd all over the country. Over the years, the ensemble has also appeared in protest events in various places such as the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the village of Jisr al-Zarqa and the village of Dahmash near Lod.


Over the years, the group's members have published, together and separately, stageworks, theater and dance performances and poetry books in Arabic and Hebrew. In recent years, solo albums have also been published by several members of the ensemble, which have also achieved great success and interest."System Ali" performs in festivals, street parties, community events, concerts and open to both young and old audiences.

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