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Band Members

Muhammad Aguani

Poet and rapper.

Born in Jaffa, 1987.

He facilitates creative writing workshops in various frameworks: "Beit System Ali", the Helicon Library Network and schools in Jaffa and Lod. The Poetry Book "Pre-conditions", which he wrote in collaboration with Yonatan Kunda, was published in 2012.

מוחמד אגואני

Liba Neeman

Violinist, singer, and writer.

Born in Tel Aviv, 1989.

Has a background in classical music. She played the violin from an early age and over the years played in a variety of chamber ensembles and young orchestras. She is a graduate of Sadaka Reut's program of national service and a law student at Sapir College. Instructor of musical ensembles within "Beit System Ali".

ליבה נאמן

Stav Lipitz

Drummer and percussionist.

Born in Tel Aviv, 1990.

בוגר שנת שירות בכפר הנוער החקלאי מקווה ישראל. בוגר התכנית האקדמית המשותפת לNew School - NYC והקונסרבטוריון הישראלי למוזיקה בהצטיינות. מקליט ומופיע עם מגוון אמנים כגון רונה קינן, ערן צור ואמיר דדון, ושלל פרויקטים הפועלים בארץ ובחו"ל.

סתיו ליפיץ

Enver (Enchik) Seitibragimov

Rapper and percussionist.

Born in Uzbekistan, 1988.

He immigrated to Israel in 1999 and currently lives in Jaffa. Facilitator of sessions, and teacher of Darbuka within "Beit System Ali". Dancer and choreographer in various groups and performances, including "Mysterious Theater" and "Street Children"  group at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

אנבר (אנצ'יק) סייטברגימוב

Neta Weiner

Poet, rapper and accordionist.

Born in Kibbutz Givat Haim, 1987.

Artistic Director of the "Beit System Ali" in Holon. A graduate of "Muzik" - Music Creation and Production school in Tel Aviv. He is a co-creator and co-producer of theater and spoken-word performances, which were performed in a variety of festivals in Israel and abroad. In the past ten years, he has been working as a youth counselor, teacher and group facilitator in various institutions such as Sadaka Reut organization, the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Youth Advancement Network, the Makor Association for the Advancement of Music in the Community, and more. His debut album, "In The Right of Return" was published in February 2016.

נטע וינר

Yehonatan (Yonash) Dayan

Bass Player.

Born in Ramat Gan, 1982.

Growing up in Toronto and Ramat Gan. He did military service in the military bands and later applied to art studies at the Open University. A graduate of "Muzik" - Music Creation and Production school in Tel Aviv. A sound man and a music producer. In recent years he has been working as a sound man in ACUM's production studio in the Tel Aviv port.

יהונתן דיין

Luna Abu Nassar

Singer, guitarist, writer and composer.

Born in Nazareth, 1990.

A graduate of "Muzik" - Music Creation and Production school in Tel Aviv. She facilitates creative writing and composition workshops as part of the "Beit System A'ali" and other musical education frameworks. She works on social projects at the Arab-Jewish Community Center in Jaffa. Her debut album "I'll Tell You" was published in 2013.

לונא אבו נסאר
יונתן קונדה

Yonatan Kunda

Poet, rapper, and guitarist.

Born in the United States, 1986.

In 2012, together with Muhammad Agwani, he published the book "Preconditions". He leads various educational projects, including creative writing groups for youth and young people in Hebrew and Arabic, as well as a group of adults in Ofakim, as part of the "Poetry on the Map" of the Helicon Organization. Coordinator of the "Shir Chadash" (New Song) project of "Beit System Ali" in Bat-Yam. His second poetry book, "The Crack Will Shine" which won the ACUM Prize for the Encouragement of Creation 2015, will be published in the coming year.

Muhammad Mugrabi

Rapper, poet, and percussionist.

Born in Jaffa, 1987.

He has a rich background and experience in training - from the Scout movement and Judo training, to the workshops in the framework of the "Beit System Ali". A creative actor and dancer, he participated, among other things, in "Silence" a work that won acclaim and international recognition.

מוחמד מוגרבי
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