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 System Ali was born In Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa as a result of the struggle for housing rights in the city. Since the band has grown to become a diverse and exceptional cultural engine to community building and social change while persistently developing community and educational activities, especially in South Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Bat-Yam. Alongside the creation of unique and pioneering music, the ensemble performs throughout the country in festivals, street parties, and community events, with special emphasis on performances in mixed cities. The band's bi-national and multi-lingual cultural activity created an organization deeply rooted in the communities in which it operates.

“Maharajan”- System Ali’s new album is comprised of texts, tunes and beats which were collected and written during ongoing performance tours in Israel and abroad. The beats contain a one of a kind collection of samples that were collected and cut out of the records which designed the musical personalities of the band members. 

Maharajan is a powerful street party, taking place at the meeting point between Russian songs, army bands shansons, classical Arab music, biblical texts, jazz and klezmer.

The meaning of the word Maharajan in Arabic is “Festival, Circus” The band refers to itself as an eclectic road circus which brings to the stage impossible collaboration and artistic dialogues. 

Every song in the album sheds light on a personal story, a point of view, a unique source of inspiration. The album is referring directly to the time and place in which it is created and released- Israel- Palestine 2019. 

The carnival is taking place as an active opposition to all the phenomenons System Ali is dealing with as a mixed group- racism, separation and fear. The album is an action of building an alternative reality.   

In Maharajan System Ali collaborates with an impressive group of Palestinian and Jewish artists such as Tamer Nafar, Shaanan Stritt and young graduates of Beit System Ali’s youth groups.  

محمد اغواني | Muhammad Aguani

Poet and rapper. Born in Jaffa, 1987.

He facilitates creative writing workshops in various frameworks: "Beit System Ali", the Helicon Library Network and schools in Jaffa and Lod. The Poetry Book "Pre-conditions", which he wrote in collaboration with Yonatan Kunda, was published in 2012.

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 محمد مغربي | Muhammad Mugrabi

Rapper, poet, and percussionist. Born in Jaffa, 1987.

He has a rich background and experience in training - from the Scout movement and Judo training, to the workshops in the framework of the "Beit System Ali". A creative actor and dancer, he participated, among other things, in "Silence" a work that won acclaim and international recognition.

نيطاع فينر | Neta Weiner

Poet, rapper and accordionist. Born in Kibbutz Givat Haim, 1987.

Artistic Director of the "Beit System Ali" in Holon. A graduate of "Muzik" - Music Creation and Production school in Tel Aviv. He is a co-creator and co-producer of theater and spoken-word performances, which were performed in a variety of festivals in Israel and abroad. In the past ten years, he has been working as a youth counselor, teacher and group facilitator in various institutions such as Sadaka Reut organization, the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Youth Advancement Network, the Makor Association for the Advancement of Music in the Community, and more. His debut album, "In The Right of Return" was published in February 2016.

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Enver (Enchik) Seitibragimov
انفير(انتشيك) سييتيبراغيموف 

Rapper and percussionist. Born in Uzbekistan, 1988.

He immigrated to Israel in 1999 and currently lives in Jaffa. Facilitator of sessions, and teacher of Darbuka within "Beit System Ali". Dancer and choreographer in various groups and performances, including "Mysterious Theater" and "Street Children"  group at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

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Samira Saraya | سميرة سرية 

Musician, Actress and writer. Born in Haifa, 1975.

Cinema and TV actor, performer, rap and spoken-word artist. Performs in different art fields and settings. She has vast experience in musical theater, stage productions and singing. Won Acco Festival Award for unique acting in 2012, Fringe theatre award for 2015 and 2017, and "best actress" award in the 2017 JFF(Jerusalem Film Festival). Samira holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and she is now studying for her MA at the Department of Cinema at Tel Aviv university.

ستاف ليبيتس | Stav Lipitz

Born in Tel Aviv, 1990.
Graduated volunteer service in the agricultural village of Mikveh Israel. Graduate of the NYC Joint Academic Program and the Israel Conservatory of Music with honors. Recording and performing with a variety of artists such as Rona Keenan, Eran Tzur and Amir Dadon, and many projects operating in Israel and abroad.

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Johanna Riethmueller | يوهانا ريتمولر

Violinist, singer. Born in Germany, 1988.

Graduate from "Musrara" and The Jerusalem Music Academy-playing Arabic Violin. She started playing violin at an early age, at first with classical education and then switched to other genres as Punk and Rock. Nowadays she professionalizes in classical Arabic music. She teaches Arabic Violin in different settings and play with several groups and singers such as Firkat Al-Nur, Baghdad Radio Trio, Acut, Rana Choir, Morin Nehedar and more.

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Roey Hason | روعي حسون

Sound designer and live electronic performer Born in Rishon Letziyon, 1984. He graduated from "Muzik" - muzik creation and production school in Tel Aviv. Play the keyboard, sampler, and piano. In the last years, he has been working closely with Luna Abu-Nassar in three of her albums and with Neta Weiner as well. He also took part in the mixing process and sound design of various projects in the music and dance fields.

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